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Best Reviewed Drywall Contractor in York County - We Reviewed Three Companies!

Dec 15

Best Reviewed Drywall Contractor in York County

We reviewed three of the top drywall repair services in York County and found out which one is the best!

These are the three candidates we chose for our survey:


1. DB Drywall and painting of York County

2. Hargrove's Maintenance Services

3. Rock Hill Drywall Repair


Our Review Structure

We put together our review structure and the things we were looking for based on our past experience as homeowners. Our three main concerns when we call or hire a contractor for our home are:


Most of the time, contractors never pick up their phone. This is a natural side-effect of working construction because most company owners are working on jobs when you call. That being said, we want to see who values the possibility of a new customer when that phone rings, so we timed each response!


Value is important as we head into a recession. We want to see first if they will give us a free estimate. Second, we measure that estimate against others we have received to see if they are overcharging or not.

Quality of Work

contractor repairing drywallNaturally, our biggest concern is going to be the end result of any repairs we had done. We have an independent drywaller come in (a friend of ours named Bruce!) to inspect the work and see how professional of a job the repairs were. All three contractors will be repairing identical-sized holes in our walls. These holes are approximately 7 inches tall by 9 inches wide, and they are in between the studs.

DB Drywall and Painting of York County

We called this contractor, and the phone rang four times before someone picked up. The person's name was Michael, and he picked up the phone very professionally with an excited tone. We told him we needed a hole patched and he asked for a few details and also offered to swing by to take a look and give us an estimate. AWESOME! Michael was at our house within 4 hours! He was very professional looking, had a marked company vehicle, and really seemed to know what he was doing. He made us feel very comfortable hiring him, and he actually started working as soon as he gave us the quote! It took Michael approximately 1.5 hours to patch the hole. The end result actually looked really, really good! Very smooth, and we could not even tell there was ever any damage!


Hargrove's Maintenance Services

We called Hargroves, but to our disappointment, no one picked up the phone. We left a message and then waited for a callback. We received a callback 4 hours later. Jeff is who called us back. He was polite, but a little" rough around the edges" in the manner of his speech. This was not a problem for us, as he seemed kind and willing to help. He asked a few questions, but when I asked if he did free estimates, he said due to the price going up, (because of Biden), he had to charge a $40 travel fee for the estimate. We agreed, hoping he would find redemption in the repair itself, although we did not appreciate the political slur. He came by the house the next morning and gave us a quote. The quote seems fair, although hire that the other two quotes, but we agreed. It took Jeff an hour to get the hole patched, but he had to come back the next day due to not using quick-dry mud so he could finish it. After Jeff was done the next day, the patch looked pretty good, but we could still slightly see an outline of where the damage took place. We were a little disappointed, to say the least.

Rock Hill Drywall Repair

We called Rock Hill Drywall Repair and they picked up the phone after only two rings! "Impressive!" I said to my husband. Matthew was the employee that picked up the phone. He was really professional but also fun to speak two. He seemed to understand what we were wanting and explained the entire process that take when it comes to repairs like this. First, they will have the next available tech give us a call as soon as they are finished with the job they are currently at. That tech will schedule a time to swing by, give us a free estimate, and, if accepted, begin work immediately. It was really nice to have clarity of what to expect as a homeowner. We gave him our name, number, and address to pass along to the next available contractor.

One hour passed since we got off the phone with Matthew when our phone rang. It was a nice man named Johnny (or Yony). He had a Hispanic accent but spoke very good English. I put this detail in here because I know from past experience that sometimes it's difficult to understand someone who may be from out of the country. Johnny asked if he could head our way then, and we said yes! He arrived 20 minutes later. He pulled up in a company vehicle, had identification, and had nets over his shoes. He even offered to wear a mask, already putting it on, but we told him he really did not have to. We thought this gesture was nice considering the post-pandemic atmosphere we are now living in.

Johnny inspected the hole, explained to us exactly how he was going to fix it, and gave us the estimate. The estimate was lower than both of the other estimates we received. We agreed, and he got to work!

Johnny started by cutting out the hole, making it even bigger so he could installed a new piece of sheetrock and secure it to the two studs. He then taped it using mesh tape, which is a higher quality drywall tape and began mixing the mud. The mud he used was a 10-minute quick-set. I was again impressed because only very experienced contractors use 10-minute quick-set mud due to you only having a few minutes to do your repair before the mud begins to harden. Well, he did it. And he did it well. After the first coat, I was wondering if he's even going to need to sand due to the skimming looking so perfect.

He waited twenty minutes, at which time we offered him some water. He graciously declined and showed us the water bottle he had brought in with in. Points for being prepared! Once the mud was dried, he lightly sanded, and to be honest, I thought it looked perfect. He said he could leave it like this, but he saw a few imperfections and wanted to make sure he was satisfied with the repair along with us. I have never met a contractor willing to do MORE WORK so that they themselves are satisfied with their repair. Huge work ethic points! He put a very light skim coat on, which was dry in 12 minutes, lightly sanded, and repainted the area. We enjoyed this experience because the repair was done perfectly, and Johnny had a good attitude and heart. He was super easy to speak to while we waited for the mud to dry and to be honest, just a neat person all around.


The Results

While DB Drywall Repair and Painting of York County did an amazing job, and we highly recommend them for anything sheetrock or a painting related, Rock Hill Drywall Repair made the top slot for best drywall repair contractor in York County. hargroves came in last due to not making us feel as comfortable as the other two contractors, as well as the political slur on our first phone call.

Rock Hill Drywall Repair made us feel like we are being taken care of, they were on time, professional, and friendly, and they went above and beyond concerning the repairs we had done. I cannot praise them enough.

If you are looking for drywall repairs in and around Rock Hill, Rock Hill Drywall Repair is our recommendation. They can be reached at (803) 877-6671 and are open from 7:00 AM through 7:00 PM every day. Their website is, and here is the link to their Google profile:

Rock Hill Drywall Repair is also on Better Business Bureau and has a 5-star review rating! No surprise there:


We hope you have as good of an experience as we did!

Katie Weisel authot and bloggerKatie Weisel has been a local resident of Rock Hill for 13 years, is involved as a columnist at the Herald, and frequently offers independent business reviews from around the county. She is married to Yoseph Weisel and lives with her 3 children.