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How To Install A TV Wall Mount?

Mar 25


Now is the time to hang your flat-screen television. You may put off the task for a long time or even hire someone else to take care of it. Now that you're moving, is it your turn? Don't be scared to hang a flatscreen if you are afraid.

How do you set up the TV Wall Mount?

If you're not confident, you don't need to hang the television yourself. Have a friend help you. Find someone capable of performing the task properly. It would help if you didn't try to do this job no matter your background. Your child might be watching TV from underneath. You don't want it falling on them or the floor. This could end up costing hundreds of dollars. Learn the television mounting tips to avoid any of these situations.

How to Choose the Right Tools?

What tools do you need for the job?

  • Tape measure

  • Drills and bits

  • A screwdriver, orbit

  • Level

  • Pencil

  • Stud finder (optional)


1. Locate the Mount and Stud

The first step is to find a secure spot to hang your television. Then, find the studs. There are several methods to locate studs. There are numerous ways to locate Studs. Another option is the Stud finder. It is quite inexpensive and will work well with a bit of patience. To ensure that you have located an absolute stud, ensure that you're not in the way it says. You could also try using drywall toggles if all else fails. The toggles must withstand the entire weight of the TV and its frame. You must also make sure that the drywall will bear the weight. When you stand before the TV's screen, ensure that the height of your frame is in line with your eyes. If the holes on the bracket are not aligned with the holes, you can make new holes. It's generally simpler than replacing the bolts that connect the mounting frames to a wall. Four bolts are needed for most mounting frames. These bolts have to be a drill. You can take it slow and complete the job. If things are not level enough, you can permanently repair them later. There is no reason to be in a position where you are not level!


2. Run wires through the wall

After the frame is hung, you can insert the wires into place. Check that the cables are designed to be installed in the wall. Channeling can be easily painted and run from the outlet to their television if they're unsure which wires are suitable to be hung on the wall. Another alternative is to have someone arrive to connect a new outlet to the space behind your television. But, this will make it impossible to observe.

3. Mount Your TV

After the frame is installed, place the TV on the frame. It's usually simple; however, it can require effort to align the pieces correctly. It is best to get assistance. It's unpleasant to think of a TV falling on someone or breaking. You can grab the top of the TV and pull it downwards to see if it's not level after hanging. If you put the frame in studs, it is possible to level it. You can also loosen or tighten one bolt on the frame. It is possible to take the bolts from the back of the frame and try again. It's a tedious process, So be patient and take it gradually. The TV is the smartest thing to hang. An encased TV can be seen more easily and occupies less space. Place your TV in a place where you are at ease. The results will be satisfying.

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